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Your travel choices in the United Kingdom made simple. Explore the top five bars, restaurants, tours, lodging, wellness spots, local businesses and services in the United Kingdom's cities. The United Kingdom is among the world's most popular destinations. Whether you are a fan of art, history, architecture, shopping, nightlife or beaches, its cities will welcome you for a memorable stay. From London to Edinburgh, from Glasgow to Manchester, you will be delighted by its pub food, world-class museums, black cabs, medieval castles, spectacular festivals and so much more.

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Discover why travelers have been coming to Bath for 2,000 years and why many consider it one of the most beautiful cities in England.


The only place where the Titanic, the Troubles, Game of Thrones and craic can be used in the same sentence.


Birmingham, England’s second city, is one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. Often overlooked by tourists, it boasts multiple landmarks from the industrial revolution and an impressive network of canals.


Welcome to Bradford, a diverse and engaging city located in the northern English county of West Yorkshire, close to the region's capital of Leeds.


The beach, the buzzing Lanes, a dazzling palace, colorful street art and eccentric people just an hour away from London make Brighton a unique destination.


With its many claims to fame - 2015 European Green Capital, one of The 10 Best European Cities to visit in 2019, UNESCO City of Film, UK's first cycling city - Bristol is easily one of the most exciting and easy-going destinations in England.


Home to King’s College, the river Cam, the Mathematical Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge is a hub of innovation at the heart of history and tradition.


A cool destination where rugby is king, Dr Who was shot, the old Tiger Bay became the dazzling Cardiff Bay, and nightlife is not for the faint hearted.


Having risen from the rubble of the blitz, Coventry, now UK City of Culture for 2021, is a remarkable place. This city of rebirth has far more going for it than people realise: a unique music scene, diverse cultural delights, and a fascinating historical pedigree.


Home to an iconic castle, medieval architecture, cobbled alleys, quaint pubs, whiskey, haggis, bagpipes and tartans.


A friendly and spirited city with a creative personality that will delight you with its neighborhoods, music, open markets and football tradition.


Leeds rivals London as a shopping destination, competes with Birmingham to attract foodie enthusiasts, and challenges Manchester for its nightlife appeal.


With a rich and diverse cultural identity, Leicester is a city that fuses history with the future. From football, fashion, to space exploration and Tudor wars, this English city will captivate you with its bustling, vibrant atmosphere.


Home to world-class architecture, foodie’s paradise, ground to two renowned football clubs, birthplace of the Beatles and scousers.


London is one of the most exciting cosmopolitan cities in the world. Millions of people visit every year for a million different reasons. Architecture, art, shopping, history, entertainment, food, and Royalty, all play a part in making London a unique capital city.


One of England's most fun cities, Manchester is the north-west hub of tech and music.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Home to the Magpies, the Winking Eye, the Bigg Market, the Quayside, the Brown Ale, Earl Grey, the Geordies and the Angel of the North.


Nottingham is probably the quintessential English travel destination. It will appeal to history buffs, festival devotees, food lovers, sports enthusiasts and shopping addicts alike.


Portsmouth is a genuine treasure trove for tourists interested in naval history. This port city is home to a host of fascinating museums dedicated to Britain’s maritime heritage and past wartime endeavors.


A third of Sheffield lies within the Peak District National Park, so it might be considered industrial, but it’s also very pretty. With a rich and interesting history in sport, music, and culture, it’s also the true northern capital of cool.


Southampton - historical gateway to the world or Britain’s most modern cultural city? Visitors will find it ticks both boxes in a big way and both party revellers and history buffs will find many interesting attractions here.


A beautiful landscape of sculptures, lakes, and Medieval castles awaits tourists heading to Wakefield. This northern English city offers an appealing mixture of history, scenery, and fabulous modern art.


A popular destination for its famous landmarks and rich history, York is also becoming a growing digital hub with the fastest internet in the country.