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Top City Spots is a NEW WAY for local businesses to boost their online presence. We focus our advertising power across search engines, social media, and the Internet to only promote 5 out of all the businesses in your city.

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Why Top City Spots is best for your local business

Unlike review websites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, we proactively advertise of our top 5 businesses your city outside of platform, across the Internet and social media, guaranteeing they all get 100,000 targeted views..

Free Business Listing

We give you full control over your business listing. Add photos, set your contact information, opening times, write your own testimonials and link back to both your website and social media channels.

Once added, your listing will be viewed by website visitors looking for businesses in your city.

Top City Spot Promotion

Setting up adverts on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc takes time and requires expert knowledge.

Our digital marketing experts do all of this for you, promoting your business through social media channels to both your city residents and tourists.

Social Media Advertising

We deliberately limit the number of top businesses in your city to only 5 businesses, so we can focus and optimize our advertising impact.

As a result, we can guarantee 100,000 views to our Top Spots for the price of a cup of coffee per week.

No other business online offers such a simple. efficient and cost effective to local businesses!

Kind words from our Top City Spots

I didn't know anything about marketing my business online.

Creating a free account was super quick and simple and gave me the confidence to find out more.

Now I'm a Top City Spot, my business has been advertised on Facebook and Instagram without me doing anything, and my website has received hundreds of new visitors.

Neville H


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Listing your business is very quick and simple..

Add photos, a small introduction & description, set your location, contact details, opening times, social media accounts, online review websites and add your own testimonials.


Become a Top City Spot

Upgrade your free account to be recognized as one of our Top businesses in your city.

Top spots are limited to only 5 businesses in your city, on a first-come, first-served basis, to maximize our advertising impact.


Watch your online business grow

Once qualified a top your city spot, your listing will be proactively marketed across multiple online platforms guaranteeing 100,000 targeted views.

We keep you regularly updated about our online advertising campaigns and the views your business receives.


Everything your business needs for less than 2 a week

Create your free account to try out Top City Spots. Get started today, it only takes a few minutes list your business. No credit card required.

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  • Recognition as a top business
  • 100,000 targeted social media views
  • Expert team promoting your business
  • Weekly mentions on social media
  • Fully editable listing
  • SEO back links
  • Links to review websites
  • Quarterly statistics / reports

NOTE: Subscriptions to Top City Spots are billed annually

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Kind words from our Top City Spots

I've been struggling to get traffic and new visitors to my website. I used to pay a lot of money monthly for a freelancer to manage my social media accounts.

After becoming a Top City Spot, many customers have now seen my business in Facebook Advertisments, and I've received a significant increase in website traffic.

I did not have to do anything for a price not worth worrying about. I highly recommend Top City Spots.


Health First Studio