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Home to King’s College, the river Cam, the Mathematical Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge is a hub of innovation at the heart of history and tradition.

Your travel choices in Cambridge made simple. Explore the top five bars, restaurants, tours, lodging, wellness spots, local businesses and services in Cambridge. The city is dominated by Cambridge University, an 800 year old institution composed of 31 architecturally dazzling colleges. King's College, with its renowned gothic chapel, is the most famous of them. Besides its medieval character and educational fame, Cambridge is a modern town with a young and vibrant feel, and numerous romantic green spaces. Building from its Norman past, the city remains an important market town boasting many attractions. Visitors can enjoy the day exploring the bustling market square, or punting slowly down the river Cam with its quaint bridges, or attending one of the many exceptional cultural events like the Midsummer Fair, the famous Cambridge Folk Festival or a world-class film festival.