hiddenTop City Spots: Frequently asked questions

Eat local, drink local, shop local, stay local. Travel choices that support local businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Top City Spots?

Top City Spots is a new and original travel platform featuring top local businesses and simplifying the choices of travelers across the world. The platform cuts through the overwhelming amount of information available on the internet by highlighting only 5 top local businesses in each of 60 categories (food, wellness, shopping…) in each city. Your travel choices are now effortless and optimal.

Make your travel experience even more special by supporting top local businesses!

How are your Top Spots selected?

Top City Spots represents a select community of local and small businesses across the world. All our top spots are proud of their trade and eager to serve travelers visiting their city. They have joined this community as an opportunity to stand out in a world that makes it very difficult for small-but-worthy players to be discovered.

How can I support local businesses?

Supporting local and small businesses on your trips makes sense. After all, travel is a search for discovery and adventure. Enrich yourself and encourage local businesses by visiting our top spots, enjoying their services, and sharing pictures on Instagram while tagging #topcityspots.

We would also appreciate you sending a testimony or commentary of your experience at team@topcityspots.com to help us maintain high community standards. Thank you.

Does Top City Spots offer any discount?

By visiting one of our top spots, you will certainly enjoy a great experience at competitive prices. Additionally, by sending an email at team@topcityspots.com a picture of your bill, you will be entered in a weekly draw for a partial refund. Winners will be contacted by return email and will receive up to $20 refund via PayPal.

Who is behind Top City Spots?

Top City Spots is a direct response to the struggle of local businesses in post-Covid time. The initiative was launched by Franck Benhamou and Joseph Carney, two experts in internet and digital marketing, as a way to help top local players overcome the monopolies of social media algorithms and big promotional budgets.