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Your travel choices in Australia made simple. Explore the top five bars, restaurants, tours, lodging, wellness spots, local businesses and services in Australian cities. One of the most popular destinations south of the equator, Australia is blessed with innumerable natural wonders. Famous for its wildlife, weather, beaches, easy-going and fun population, it is a captivating country with so many wonderful things to do, see and experience for all. It also hosts some of the world's most livable cosmopolitan cities, inhabited by irreverent, self-deprecating and friendly Aussies. So keep your trip simple. Don't worry. Pack your togs, bring your esky, head to a barbie and you'll have a g'day, mate!


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South Australia's capital city is perfect for a laid-back and elegant holiday enjoying festivals and sporting events, fine food, premium wine and natural beauty.


With near perfect climate all year round, Brisbane is a stunning, diverse and dynamic capital, often called Australia's most livable city. It is a must-see destination down under.


Canberra is a beautifully designed political city that offers a host of cultural venues and exciting activities. When you visit the capital of Australia, expect a great deal of fun alongside the serious business of parliament.

Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is an exciting paradisal destination. If you love beaches, surfing, swimming, and snorkeling, then this is your nirvana. Looking for world-class theme parks? Then the Gold Coast will be your Disneyland mecca. And if wildlife and national parks are your passion, then you will be in heaven here.


Always rated as one of the most livable city in the world, Melbourne will seduce you by its eccentricity, love of the arts, coffee culture, elegant architecture and its alley creative vibe.


Newcastle is a waterfront city with impressive beaches and memorable walking routes. If you are looking for a city destination without crowds, that has beauty, history, and culture, then this is the place for you.


Perth is a must-go destination embodying everything Australia is about: nature, beaches, city life with a penchant for bar culture, laid-back locals with a sense of humor.

Sunshine Coast

Have you heard about the Sunshine Coast? It’s a land of white beaches, wonderful wineries, and sacred Aboriginal sites. It may have less glitz than its Gold Coast neighbour, but it offers fine dining, an exciting culture, and the most amazing national parks.


The Emerald City is a must on every traveler's bucket list for its perfect harmony between iconic landmarks, striking skyline, beach culture and multicultural landscape.