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Top city spots in Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle is a waterfront city with impressive beaches and memorable walking routes. If you are looking for a city destination without crowds, that has beauty, history, and culture, then this is the place for you.

Located on the east coast of New South Wales, Newcastle is only a few hours drive from the state's capital Sydney. Blessed with a scenic coastline of sandy beaches the city is a haven for surfers and sports enthusiasts. The busy Newcastle Harbour is Australia’s oldest working port and an important gateway for the Hunter Valley and other regions in the country. Like many Australian cities, Newcastle has a fantastic foodie scene and entertaining nightlife. From the shoreline to the city centre you will find plenty of great cafes, bars, restaurants, and clubs to enjoy. However, this is a quintessential beach town, and the most interesting and exciting landmarks are definitely to be found outside in the open air. Start exploring via Bathers Way, a path that follows the coast and connects all of Newcastle’s great beaches. Head from Nobbys Beach towards Newcastle Beach, where you can access the amazing Bogey Hole. This heritage-listed swimming pool lies adjacent to the sea - but be careful of dipping a toe in at high tide when the water can be choppy! Alternatively, the Newcastle Ocean Baths are close by on firm land and worth a visit to view the Art Deco Pavillion alone. Or take a stroll to historic Fort Scratchley, this interesting site, first established in the 1880s, is now a great point to look out for migrating whales in the ocean below. Finally one of the best things to do in Newcastle is to follow the moving Memorial Walk. This is a special pathway and cultural landmark that was built to commemorate the brave Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought in Gallipoli in the First World War. The route is part bridge and part boardwalk and takes in the dramatic views from Strzelecki Headland between Bar Beach and King Edward Park. Make certain you don’t leave Newcastle before you experience it!