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Long Beach - Los Angeles’ coastal sister is a waterfront mecca for beachgoers and a haven for laidback visitors interested in good food and great vibes with an Italian twist.

Located in the heart of Southern California, Long Beach is the perfect destination for lovers of all things associated with the sea. Simple sunbathing, gondola rides, whale watching, and spending time on the famous Queen Mary ocean liner are just a few of the many delightful things to see and do here. A visit to Downtown Waterfront is highly recommended and a great place for visitors to start their exploration of Long Beach. The district overlooks Queensway Bay and is home to several of the best attractions in the area. These include the fun Long Beach Convention Center, the perfect space for tourists to hang out and enjoy the sights. Nearby is Shoreline Village and the unique Queen Mary Hotel and Attraction, a floating Art Deco Hotel with a surprising array of facilities and activities. The ship is now permanently docked but this attraction offers historical and paranormal tours, fine dining, and boutique shopping alongside hotel accommodation. Across the water, you will find Rainbow Harbor and Aquarium of the Pacific, one of the best attractions in Long Beach. This venue is all about life in the ocean and has fascinating exhibits dedicated to sea otters, sharks, and sea jellies. The harbour esplanade will lead you to the lighthouse-centered Shoreline Aquatic Park - this is a great place for seafood and to book a chartered fishing trip, whale-watching tour, or a dinner cruise. The list of brilliant Long Beach beaches includes Junipero Cherry Beach, perfect for swimming and leisure time on the sand. The path above the beach is a vibrant pedestrian area popular with skateboarders, joggers, and people on roller skates. At night head south past Rosie’s Dog Beach to find beautiful and unexpected Italian-styled architecture and a network of canals. This Naples neighbourhood is a delightful place to spend time on a gondola at sunset, followed by a romantic meal in one of the inviting restaurants in the district.

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