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Your travel choices in the United States made simple. Explore the top five bars, restaurants, tours, lodging, wellness spots, local businesses and services in the cities of the United States. The USA has so much to offer travelers. It is a vast country enjoying a wide variety of landscapes and numerous national parks. It boasts vibrant cities, iconic landmarks, entertainment venues and attraction parks, all well known all over the world. Visitors tend to explore America’s mega cities for their dynamism, infrastructure, excitement, general popularity and creativity. For a different authentic city experience, the country has many inviting mid-size towns offering travelers fascinating hip and local attractions.


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Albuquerque is a New Mexico city with extraordinary geographical and cultural landscapes. This is not just the epicentre of America’s authentic Southwest, it’s also the ballooning capital of the world!


There is just something different about Austin. A laid-back Texas city, with several names, known for disparate reasons: Tex Mex cuisine, innovative technology, vintage fashion, and the best live music venues on earth.


The Star-Spangled Banner, television’s The Wire, and Babe Ruth. What do these historical and cultural icons have in common? Well, they all hail from the streets of Baltimore.


A historic Tea Party, passionate Red Sox fans, and Cheers, a bar where everybody knows your name. Boston is a city intrinsically linked to history, sport, and iconic modern culture. Just follow the Freedom Trail to discover the past, present, and all of Boston’s glory.


Charlotte is the Queen City of North Carolina. Known for history, gold, and a grand university, she is also a lot of fun… Fast cars, roller coasters, whitewater rivers, slam dunks, and touchdowns. Both culture vultures and thrill-seekers will love this city.


There are valid reasons why Chicago keeps being named the Best Big City in the USA. Located on Lake Michigan in Illinois, it is known for its striking architecture, an acclaimed dining scene, pioneering Jazz and Blues music, and world-leading museums.


Columbus is modern, hip, and happening, with a contemporary arts scene and booming technology industry. Ohio's state capital is famous for having one of the largest college campuses in the country, an institution that adds youthful energy to this historic city.


Is it all just oil and cowboy hats in Dallas? Answer: a big fat Texan NO! If you haven’t heard how fun, interesting and diverse this city is yet, you’re about to now!


Denver, originating from a historic gold discovery, is now an exciting state capital and a genuine cultural hotspot. Framed by the Rocky Mountains and blessed with almost constant sunshine, this beautiful city ticks every box on the tourist wish list.


Music and motors are the lifeblood of Detroit - the city that gave us Motown and the Model T car revolutionised pop culture and the automotive industry in the 20th Century.

El Paso

Located at the westernmost point of Texas, straddling the Rio Grande on the US - Mexico border, El Paso has beautiful desert landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. A place where Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett once crossed paths, this town mixes Old West vibes with a cool urban ambiance.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is the epitome of a modern west American city. Cattle drives, art, history, and nights out at the honky-tonk - this is the City of Cowboys & Culture. So grab your roper boots and let’s head out for some fun!


A city with rockets, moon rock, rodeos, theatre, animals, shopping, and a lot of science. “Houston we have a problem” is not something you will hear from tourists setting out to see the sights in this Texan city.


Start your engines! We are heading for Indianapolis, home to Indianapolis Motor Speedway - the world-famous track used for 3 races: Brickyard 400 NASCAR Race, Red Bull Indianapolis GP, and of course, the Indy 500!


The sprawling city of Jacksonville is a natural paradise. The ‘River City by the Sea’ sits alongside 22 miles of white beaches, it's a haven for anglers, surfers, and swimmers. With seaside excursions, nature parks, and historic museums, visitors never run out of things to do here in the Florida sunshine.

Las Vegas

Whether you see it as the Entertainment Capital of the World, America’s Playground or Sin City, Las Vegas is the most mind-boggling resort city on the planet.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, The City of Angels, a magnetic destination located in Southern California. From Sunset Strip to its iconic Hollywood Sign, it’s a land of movie stars and dramatic backdrops.


Being the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll, home to the Blues, and a major influence on American Soul, Memphis is a rite of passage for music lovers all over the world. With its deep southern history and strong connection to the Civil Rights movement, this culturally diverse city is a fascinating place to visit.


Nashville: the state capital of Tennessee, best known as the capital of country music, has an unexpected connection with Athens, the capital of Greece! This is America’s Music City, so step up to line dance, we’re off to the Honky Tonk!

New York

New York, the Big Apple! Where should you go, what should you do? Downtown or Uptown? Broadway or Off-Broadway? Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building? Pastrami or pretzels? Even the snacks are exciting!

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma is a big city with a small-town vibe. Infused with a deep-rooted Southern charm it’s packed with attractions for art enthusiasts, history buffs, nature lovers, foodies, and music fans. So, dust off your Stetson - Oklahoma City here we come!


Rich in revolutionary history, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed, Philadelphia is one of the true birthplaces of modern America. It’s no wonder Rocky Balboa climbed those hallowed steps to bask in its glory.


Indoors or outdoors, Phoenix will have you entertained and awe-inspired - an American city simply bursting with artistic passion and set within a mountainous desert terrain demanding to be explored.


Portland, a green US city with numerous bridges and as many names. Portland does roses, doughnuts, and breweries like nowhere else, and its joyous streets and surrounding landscape are great for exploring.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the best-kept secret in Texas. Rich in Colonial history, it’s a booming city with a small-town feel. Also, as the gateway to Texas Hill Country, this atmospheric city offers some of the best scenery in the state. Remember the Alamo! You won’t forget San Antonio!

San Diego

Pick a historic Highway and head on down to San Diego, the SoCal city with serious carefree vibes. Whatever route you choose, the journey won’t ever disappoint and neither will the destination.

San Francisco

San Franciso is the City by the Bay. This wonderful hippie-ville is a world of hills, blue ocean views, beautiful beaches, and atmospheric neighbourhoods. Visitors will be enchanted by its Golden Gate Bridge, vertical streets, cable car system, and even the island prison close to its California shores.


Constantly ranked in the top 10 of best places to live in the United States, Seattle is the jewel of the Pacific North West. With acclaimed museums, lush parks, and a vibrant underground culture, the Emerald City is a town filled with fun and beauty, just waiting to be explored.

Washington DC

Politics, monuments and museums may be the reasons you want to visit Washington, DC, but this vibrant city, with its amazing food scene and cultural diversity, has so much more to offer.