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Top city spots in Denver, USA

Denver, originating from a historic gold discovery, is now an exciting state capital and a genuine cultural hotspot. Framed by the Rocky Mountains and blessed with almost constant sunshine, this beautiful city ticks every box on the tourist wish list.

Denver is known as the Mile High City due to its location, high above sea level, in the US Mountain State of Colorado. Dating back to the Old West era of America this is a modern metropolis infused with an atmospheric history. Visitors can start exploring at the place where it all began: Confluence Park. It was near Cherry Creek in this popular green space where gold panners spotted the precious metal in 1858, an event that led to the positive expansion of the city. Today the park offers leisure activities on the waters of South Platte River and incredible views of downtown Denver. Take advantage of the good climate and visit as many of Denver’s splendid parks as you can. Topping the best parks list are Washington Park, Cheesman Park, and Civic Center Park, which you will find nestled downtown. When your visit falls during skiing season, use Denver as your setting-off point to a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains. Museums are an impressive feature of Denver’s quality attractions. The list includes the uber-modern Denver Art Museum known for its complex campus and indigenous artwork. Interesting exhibitions can also be found at the Denver Museum of Natural & Science, and the Kirkland Museum that takes tourists time traveling through 150 years of art and design. A favourite historical landmark in the city is The Molly Brown House Museum. This grand early 20th Century building was the home of Margaret ‘Molly’ Brown, the most famous survivor of the tragic Titanic. Today it is a gallery that celebrates the life and philanthropy of this remarkable Denver citizen. The historic district of Larimar Square is a great destination for entertainment and retail therapy. Alongside great shops and restaurants here you will find venues billing live music and comedy shows. Do not miss out on the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. This cultural locale has much to enjoy including performances held at Boettcher Concert Hall, the Auditorium Theater, and Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Don’t want the music to stop? Why not head out and get your rocks off at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. This iconic American venue is famous for major live music sessions and the amazing acoustics created within its outdoor rocky auditorium.