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Hack My Age by Zora The Explorer

Gerontologist and health coach specializing in biohacking for women over 50.

Zora Benhamou is founder of the website HackMyAge.com, creator of the Longevity Master Plan (an online program to slow aging), author of the cookbook Eating For Longevity. She is a certified sports nutrition coach with 15+ years of experience coaching women and men of all ethnicities around the world. She is a digital nomad studying aging populations around the globe, lecturing at international events and creating content for her social media related to longevity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Zora received a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles and is currently studying for her Masters of Gerontology at the prestigious research based University of Southern California. Her interests cover biohacking, anti-aging, human life extension, healthspan, nutrition, stress management, sleep optimization, energy and metabolism enhancement, brain function and resolving other signs and symptoms of aging.

What can I say health optimization is fantastic with Zora and her amazing guidance. She answers any questions, offers great tips recipes and advice and tailor makes the whole process about you and your body as she says we are all different ! And of course it's all done in the Most heathy way possible. Thank you so much Zora you really make the process a reality through positivity and fun

Laurie Tushia

May 2017

Her corporate talk sessions are informative and eye opening. I have learnt a lot from her already and beginning to put into practice what she taught step by step. While I think quite a few of us can benefit from such sessions, I think some of the topics are more informative than others. E.g. Food choices that are healthier and receptive for our body. Some snacks recipes and where to buy healthier snacks and their alternatives. Her sessions are informative and taught me something I never be aware of. She inspires me the way of healthy living. - World Bank

Monica Wong

March 2019

Not only is Zora extremely knowledgable in all aspects associated with anti-ageing and expanding one’s health-span, she is one of the most motivational people I have ever met. Her passion and dedication to this field is more than impressive, and I would highly recommend her as a health/lifestyle coach to anyone looking to change their life for the better - you won’t regret it! Kate Bridle Founder & Lead Sleep Physiologist Sleep HQ

Kate Bridle

July 2018