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Top city spots in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The largest harbor in Europe has reinvented itself into a dynamic city with an innovative architecture, an emerging foodie scene and a thriving underground club culture.

Your travel choices in Rotterdam made simple. Explore the top five bars, restaurants, tours, lodging, wellness spots, local businesses and services in Rotterdam. Bombed during World War II, Rotterdam rebuilt itself from a quaint city into one of the most innovative skylines in Europe with striking architectural landmarks. Only a small port neighborhood was spared from destruction and kept the authentic charm of pre-war Dutch cities with lovely quays housing antique shops, quaint eateries and gin bars. Rotterdam is more real, easy going and less stressful than Amsterdam. The main attractions are the big harbor, the audacious design of its buildings, a wealth of nice museums and a diverse nightlife boasting its own red light district with numerous bars, pubs and nightclubs.