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With 2,600 years of history, Marseille is famous for its Old Port, ¨Good Mother¨, bouillabaisse, aioli, pastis and a very famous soap.

Your travel choices in Marseille made simple. Explore the top five bars, restaurants, tours, lodging, wellness spots, local businesses and services in Marseille. France's second largest city is authentic, picturesque and diverse. An ancient metropolis on the coast, Marseille was marked by the Mediterranean vivid history. It has a singular personality and a unique flavor in the South of France. It is known for its legendary harbor overlooked by a protective basilica and a scenic old town with colorful and lively neighborhoods. Marseille attracts visitors with its weather, exuberance, outdoor terraces, friendly aperitifs, specialty dishes, rich cultural history and outgoing locals with a recognizable regional accent.