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Top city spots in Winnipeg, Canada

You will discover Winnipeg is a delightful city destination, whatever time of the year you decide to visit. So, grab your skates or sunhat and enjoy all the great attractions this cultural metropolis has to offer.

Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Located at the heart of Canada’s varied and striking landscape, Winnipeg’s climate is variable and dramatic too! Temperatures here can vary between a heart-stopping -35 degrees °C in the winter and sublime +35 degrees °C in the summertime. Each season the city transforms and offers tourists different and enjoyable reasons to visit. The city is famous in international sporting circles as the home of the Winnipeg Jets, a US ice hockey team. However, everyone can enjoy fun on the ice in Winnipeg during the winter months. Activities range from traditional skating and tobogganing to the more modern curling game of Crokicurl. One of the top attractions for tourists during the colder months in Winnipeg is the Arctic Glacier Winter Park. Here you can skate along 1.2 kilometres of illuminated trails, experience the beauty of The Plaza Skating Rink or a breathless toboggan run. The iced pathways of the park connect the venue to The Plaza and Market areas of The Forks, a historic district of Winnipeg. The Forks is a special neighbourhood that can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. Situated at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, it is a meeting place comprised of green spaces, historical landmarks, retail outlets, and cultural attractions. Highly recommended for visitors are the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the River Walk tour, and The Forks Historic Port. In warm weather, this district is the perfect destination for alfresco dining or a picnic by the river. When the temperature drops the same river becomes a popular place for ice-skating! Some of the best attractions in Winnipeg are centred around the arts. A highlight is WAG-Qaumajuq, a venue formerly known as the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Originally founded in 1912 the WAG is one of Canada’s first public art foundations and the gallery is located near the centre of downtown Winnipeg. Recently opened in 2021 the adjoining Qaumajuq is an Inuit art centre that features the largest collection of contemporary Inuit artwork in the world. If you love live music, one of the best times to visit Winnipeg is during the hot months of July and August. Head to Corydon Avenue, a popular neighbourhood for nightlife that is often referred to as Winnipeg’s ‘Little Italy’. Friday and Saturday nights are concert nights here and the atmosphere is always fun. Stop and spend time sitting at one of the busy outdoor patios and listen to many different genres of music - from Jazz to rock and roll.