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Top city spots in Hamilton, Canada

If you love exploring then Hamilton won't fail to delight you. From its hillside waterfalls to harbour front cultural attractions, this port city will keep you entranced and entertained throughout your stay.

Situated at the western tip of Lake Ontario, Hamilton is a great destination for tourists visiting Canada. There are many memorable outdoor activities to pursue here and the landscape is remarkable. For exceptional beauty, you need only look towards the immediate environs of the Niagara Escarpment. This is forested terrain known locally as ‘the mountain’ that divides the city in half - the north of Hamilton lies below the ridge, the southern region partly above. Within this region, you will encounter scenic conservation areas, waterfalls, and a variety of hiking trails. There are over 100 waterfalls located in this region and many of the most picturesque can be found near Hamilton. Favourite spots include Albion Falls, also known as ‘Lovers Leap’, and the 41 metre high Tes Falls. Highly recommended is the ‘Great Falls Loop’, a trail that will take you past spectacular falls and offers immense views of the surrounding countryside. The good news for enthusiastic hikers is that Hamilton is a perfect starting point to undertake the Bruce Trail. The famous walking route, that passes Niagara Falls in the US, has scenic paths throughout this part of Canada and features another pretty waterfall: Canterbury Falls. Down in Hamilton Harbour, you will find Bayfront Park, one of Hamilton’s most appealing urban green spaces. This regenerated land is now a waterside haven that also has great walking trails, a sandy beach, and a marina. Elsewhere in this waterside district you can visit the historic HMCS Haida or rollerblade alongside the flowerbeds of Hamilton’s Royal Botanical Gardens. If you want to take in the view at a more gentle pace, then hop on the Harbor West Trolley for a while. This charming service follows 12 kilometers of the harbour front and provides an interesting commentary on the historical and cultural landmarks of Hamilton.