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Health First Studio

Your health is our main priority.

We are a health studio in Marbella, and have been based here for the last 13 years working with a wonderful range of people. Our specialised, university qualified and highly experienced team of health experts are ready to help you recover from injuries and to help you prepare and train for any challenge you want to commit to! We are a team of health and sport experts, ranging from physiotherapists, qualified nutritionists, sports coaches and functional personal trainers. It’s easy to get fit and healthy when we work to build your body, mind, posture and balance to be strong over the long term! If you have been suffering from back, shoulder, neck pain or other aches you simply can’t get rid of, come and see us and we’ll help eradicate every one of them until you feel like a new person! We love what we do, we love how we do it, and we love the results we get from our people! Come and join the family!